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Radically reduce time-to-resolution and average handling time by providing instant access to your mobile apps.



Unparalleled loading speed. Nothing else even comes close.

As fast as 1 second loading times

Exceptional responsiveness

Works on any browser or device

fast loading


Access a dynamic supply of mobile devices when needed.

No more tedious device management

On-demand access to devices when opened

Automatically freed up when not in use

Each device supports any platform, OS or version



Built for customizability. From out-of-the box features to custom solutions.

Build custom solutions through integrations & embedding

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Always have access to the latest devices

custom solutions integrated


We put your customer data and safety first.

ISO27001 & SOC2 Certified

Encrypted with AES-256 or stronger

Sessions are sandboxed and wiped when ended

Used by the world’s largest financial institutions

secure sessions

Why leading support teams choose Appetize

Supporting over 700,000 users

Used by over 20% of Fortune 50 Companies

Loading times as fast as 1 second

Certified data protection

What our clients say about us

Using Appetize has been a game-changer for our support team! It allows us to assist our customers more efficiently and effectively, resulting in happier users and smoother resolutions.

Linn Hege Bergheim
Linn Hege Bergheim

Chief Customer Officer at Tibber Energy

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