What can you do with


Run apps in any modern browser

No plugins, no downloads, no extensions needed. Instantly shareable links so your apps get the visibility they need.

Flexible device configurations

Use different devices such as iPhones, switch iOS and Android versions, languages, and other device configurations with a few clicks.

Customized to your needs

Developer tools, Javascript SDKs and customizable UI help you build bespoke, app experiences which you can integrate into your own web apps.

All the tools you would have on your owned devices

Network traffic capture

Network traffic capture

Deep links and launch params

Deep links and launch params

Instrument, log, and debug

Instrument, log, and debug

Your apps are safe with us

Security by design is built into our DNA. All data from a session is cleared after every session.

Use Appetize for...

App Recorder TM

Mobile UI testing made as easy as clicking through your app


Stop spending engineering time on writing UI tests. Just record and reorder if you change your app logic.


Replay on all device types and compare performance. Spot idling issues or flakiness in your tests and resolve immediately.


See what happens exactly as your users would see it, combined with the data you need so you spend less time searching for that needle in a haystack.

App Recorder

The fastest way to access mobile apps in the workplace

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