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Mobile preview in your CMS prior to publishing

Use Appetize to see how your new content will look on your mobile app and mobile browsers before it is published live. Get pixel-perfect results.

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Live previews for Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs)

Are you building mobile apps for your clients? Instantly allow them to preview and test their new app as they are configuring it. Connect your build process to our API and embed our virtual devices in your website.

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Enhanced technical docs for your Mobile SDKs

Embed examples of core app functionality into your technical documentation. Gain full interactivity missing from screenshots and videos. Enable non-technical people browsing your docs to experience your SDKs and get closer to your product.

Enhanced technical docs

Developer "playground" for your Mobile UI Kit

UI needs to be "felt" to get the full experience. Allow your developers to see and touch the UI elements you are building.

developer playground

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