Sessions & Data Security

The privacy and security of your data are our top priority. maintains a formal security program in accordance with industry standards (ISO 27001) designed to: (i) ensure the security and integrity of your data; (ii) protect against threats or hazards to the security or integrity of your data; and (iii) prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Without limiting the forgoing follows the following security policies and procedures:

  • User sessions are sandboxed from other users, and your data will not be accessed by third parties
  • All user data generated in the virtual device during a user session is cleared at the end of each session (like a factory reset), simulator user device logs are wiped
  • Keyboard/mouse commands and screen frames are never saved unless explicitly requested
  • Access control lists and firewall rules are designed to grant minimal necessary permissions
  • Uploaded binaries are held privately and securely, and are encrypted at rest
  • Each session receives a unique token, usable only once to start a session
  • All data transfer is SSL encrypted, configured to follow industry best practices
  • Emails from our system are DKIM signed
  • Regular monitoring for potential security vulnerabilities and immediate remediation of any material security vulnerabilities discovered

In addition to 3rd party penetration tests, and internal vulnerability management processes, leverages to provide daily vulnerability scanning and alerting. If you are an interested party and would like to know more about our information security management system, please reach out to Click here to download our ISO 270001-2013 Certificate

Security and SLA will provide a Monthly Uptime Percentage to Customer of at least 99.9% (the “SLA”).

If does not meet the SLA, and if Customer meets its obligations under the SLA, Customer will be eligible to receive the Financial Credits described below.

This SLA states Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by to meet the SLA.

“Customer” means a current paying client of

“Downtime” means either of the following occur:’s website, including any app-specific URL, is inaccessible or returns HTTP status codes starting with 5 (e.g 500, 503)’s streaming servers fail to start sending frames to users with greater than 5% frequency after receiving connection from user “Downtime Period” means a period of at least five consecutive minutes of Downtime.

“Monthly Uptime Percentage” means the total number of minutes in a month, minus the total number of minutes of Downtime suffered from all Downtime Periods in a month, divided by the total number of minutes in a month.

“Financial Credit” means:

Monthly Uptime Percentage Percentage of month’s bill as credit
99% - 99.9% 10%
95% - 99% 25%
< 95% 50%

Customer must request Financial Credit within 30 days of eligibility. Failure to comply with this requirement will forfeit Customer’s right to receive a Financial Credit.

Financial Credits will be applied to future use of

Last updated November 18, 2020

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